New Feature: Individual Resource Time Settings

Categories: Ganttic Updates
Introducing our 5th new feature in the span of 3 months. As well as maintaining the planner, we are constantly looking to improve it to provide more value to our users. This new feature is the Individual Resource Time Settings. It is here to address current flexibility issue revolving your planner’s visuals to your business days and hours.

ganttic resource time settings
Before this feature, users could only set business days and hours in the settings tab. The configuration would apply to all users. However, we want rid of the linearity in Ganttic to fit the needs of the regular user. There are various circumstances as to when employees do not have the same working hours or same working days. Now, each resource can have their own business days and business time set. Non-working days will appear greyed-out as weekends are.

Steps to set time settings for each resource

  • Click on a resource
  • In the task dialog that pops-up, click on ‘Resource settings’

ganttic resource settings

  • Check ‘Use resource time settlings’
  • Customise the resource’s business days and hours accordingly
  • Click ‘Save’ to save your changes

ganttic saving resource settings

With this feature, you won’t have to worry about scheduling work to resources when they are not at work. And instead of creating a holiday task for each day that they are off, this is a more efficient way to achieve visual block-out in your planner.

If you don’t already have an account in Ganttic, sign up here. The first 14-days come with unlimited everything. After the trial, just go to your account and select the free basic plan to continue with if you have less than 10 resources.

Author: Patricia Goh