New Feature: Time Traveling Now Available In Ganttic

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Albert Einstein said that time is relative, but us at Ganttic know, it’s also relevant. So this update is all about time. From hours to weekdays to time zones.

Is 12 PM midnight or noon?

Firstly, we have some good news for those who know whether 12 PM is midnight or noon without googling it (it’s noon, BTW). Yes, that means you can now choose between the 24-hour and 12-hour clock in Ganttic. Although, if you want to practice telling time like they do in Madrid for your vacation, you should give it a second thought because time settings affect your whole team.

ganttic timeline

Is Sunday or Monday the first day of the week?

Have you ever wondered why half of the world treats Sunday, and the other half Monday as the first day of the week? Well, there were times when everyone agreed that the first day of the week should be Sunday but when saints Cyril and Methodius brought Christianity to the Slavs, they decided to take Greek tradition for numbering the days but made Monday the first day of the week instead of Sunday. Basically, from that time forward, there has been two sides – those who see Sunday as the first day, and those who don’t. And as of now, Ganttic doesn’t discriminate – you can choose the day you want your week to start from, even if it’s Wednesday (although, that might be a bit too wild).

ganttic timing settings

Is time traveling not only for science fiction anymore?

As a manager, sometimes you just have to travel and work remotely. Before this update, Ganttic took the time zone from your device. For example, imagine being in London (UTC+00:00) for a conference, and having to plan for your team in Tokyo (UTC+09:00). This situation used to be kind of a nightmare. Does one have to add or subtract something to get the right time!? Does Ganttic show right times for your team!? You can leave those questions to the past because from now on, scheduling remotely is going to be what sweet dreams are made of. You can choose the time zone you want to plan in from our system. So whether you are in São Paulo, Saint Petersburg, Paris or Auckland, it doesn’t affect your planning in any way, just travel to the zone that your resources are in.