Planning-LITE Concept Got Attention From

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Tom Taulli, a writer for had an interview with Ganttic's CEO Indrek and wrote a positive post on Forbes Online. Startups like Ganttic can definitely use publicity like this. Thank you, Tom! The full story as published on: shows planning can really be easy

It’s a sign of the times.  When I talked to the founder of, Indrek Kuldkepp, he was in Estonia using Skype and I was using my iPhone in California.  Amazingly enough, the connection was clear.  Although, Indrek did mention that it was 25 degrees below zero!

Actually, his original focus has been on developing software for the timber industry.  But over time, he realized that many of his clients had trouble with project management.  Basically, the existing solutions were too complicated. 

So, like any savvy entrepreneur, Indrek created his own system.  He calls his approach Planning-LITE.  In other words, it focuses on the key functions – and avoids the needless bells-and-whistles.

A key to the software is that it is visual. So employees can use drag-and-drop to create their schedules.  It takes just a few minutes to get started. 

Although, sticks to the main standards of project management – that is, with the use of Gantt charts.  Other helpful features include multi-user collaboration, custom fields and templates. 

True, project management is not fun. But with, there should be more adoption – and yes, better results for your company.