Version 3.1.10 is Out

Categories: Ganttic Updates
 Just in the last days of 2011 we released a new version of Ganttic. Besides a number of bug fixes some new features were added.  So, what's new?

First. Display working hours only.
That has been one of the most asked features.

 You can activate it by going to SETTINGS> GANTT SETTINGS >WORKTIME and checking 'Show only working hours'. Set your workdays and workhours first.

Second. Settings area simplified

 Instead of TIME SETTINGS, SPAN SETTINGS and UTILIZATION SETTINGS you have now just one - GANTT SETTINGS as all of them are for adjusting the possibilities in Gantt chart area. We have also created a shortcut to account area (visible to account manager only).   

Third. Indicator of cursors position
 Creating a new task by click-drag-release was quite complicated in weekly/monthly views as you had to guess the exact start and end time. Now there is a bubble-shaped indicator running on the resource group ribbon, showing the exact date and time where your cursor is positioned.
Try it out, it is quite handy.