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Overview Presentation

Ganttic is a Gantt chart oriented project scheduling software. Those who can't live without a Gantt chart in front of their eyes everyday must give Ganttic a test drive. Resources, processes, projects and tasks are planned right from the Gantt chart. For the visual type and every team seeking for efficient real-time collaboration, this product is simply amazing.

A Gantt Chart at the Core

Ganttic puts the Gantt chart in the spotlight, more than Microsoft Project does. In Project, the default view is a Gantt, but in Ganttic, the whole planning is done in the Gantt chart directly. Furthermore, seldom have we seen simpler project and task scheduling than in Ganttic. Basically, you create processes (usually teams) and resources (human and material). Then, you adjust default view settings for the Gantt (timerange and other parameters), then create users, and a project. Finally, you create tasks, which is, as mentioned already, extremely simple.

Simple may sound cliché, but in Ganttic, it is without a doubt the best word to describe task scheduling. Essentially, you click on the timeline where the task begins, drag your mouse to the end of the task and release the button. A window then pops up, you specify the task's details and you are done. Custom fields and properties can be defined, which provide a high level of customization and flexibility.


Although Gantt charts are very useful for scheduling in general and project managers specifically, they do not provide the information pie charts, PERT charts and other graphs do. Besides a Gantt chart, Ganttic only offers custom, saveable table-based reports. There is no calendar view either, which is disappointing. Nevertheless, once you get used to scheduling in the Gantt chart, using a calendar can become optional. Although the Gantt is, to a certain extent, an "all-in-one" report, this type of view is not appreciated by everyone.

Ganttic's feature set has no bells and whistles. They focus on efficient project planning rather than a number of features. This is a wise strategy and what they do, they do great.


It is rather easy to navigate within the application, thanks to the tabs on the left-hand side. The information section for task, project and other information at the bottom can be resized at your convenience or hidden. Settings are easy to find and configure, and item creation is easy to achieve. We have not struggled with anything with regards to navigation.

Free... For Real

Ganttic offers a real free package, which is not a trial. For up to 5 users and 10 resources, Ganttic can be used for free, forever. No strings attached. For more than 5 users and/or 10 resources , pricing is on a per-seat basis, with a special offer for 100+ users.

The Bottom Line

If your organization needs to schedule resources, projects, tasks and processes in real-time, in a flash, and improve your team's efficiency collaboration-wise in the end, Ganttic is a product you should consider. Furthermore, if you like Gantt charts, Ganttic will serve you well in this regard, as the Gantt is actually the heart of the product. If you live by the Gantt, then Ganttic is for you!

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