What Can You Actually Use Ganttic for?

Categories: Resource Planning, Task Scheduling, Project Portfolio Management, Management Tips
Well, that has been our main question from the very beginning. When you create software you have to think about it. No one will use software what does everything from project planning to file sharing. Ours has a purpose. Most of the organizations have some sort of planning needs. Some have equipment they rent out, some companies have important staff members who actually deliver the value to customers. You have to keep your eye on them. If you do not follow your business critical people and equipment, your business will most likely suffer.
For two years Ganttic (formerly Yutiti) has been in beta stage and our users have helped us a lot to find new areas to use Ganttic. Some samples:
  • booking hotel rooms
  • rental businesses keep track on equipment rented out and booking them
  • offices scheduling staff holidays and vacations
  • churches scheduling events like baptizing and weddings
  • project managers scheduling their teams and assigning tasks
  • manufacturing companies scheduling their plants and making production plans
  • logistics firms scheduling vehicles and tracking mileage