What Kind of Problems Does Ganttic Help You to Solve?

Categories: Resource Planning, Task Scheduling, Management Tips, Project Portfolio Management
No business uses software just because it is cool. We all want to solve something what's bothering us. The idea of Ganttic is to solve certain problems in business management. Here's complete list.
  • Often companies resources (people, equipment, rooms etc) are not scheduled but used as the need raises. NB! Successfully completed projects bring money in. Poorly managed resources take money out. Plan and monitor your resources in easy, visual way with our app
  • Handling multiple projects at once can be a real pain. With Ganttic you get an overview of multiple projects and resource allocations
  • Sure, you can use e-mails and phone to keep your team informed, but it takes a lot of time and effort. Keep your team informed and involved in planning process as our plans update in real time.
  • Planning and scheduling are just supporting actual business processes. Therefore it is often nobodies business. Ganttic creates a planning discipline with its advanced user rights management.
  • Many small and medium sized businesses have been considering specialized planning systems. Often they give up as most of solutions are expensive and hard to implement as they require advanced computer skills from all users. Ganttic makes planning and scheduling software available for just few dollars per month and no training required. Read about pricing examples.
  • Different businesses have different requirements for planning and scheduling. Most of planning software packages are made to solve specific problems like lab scheduling, event planning etc. Ganttic is really customizable. It can solve even specific requirements of different departments in one companies plan. 
  • Does your organization have tough data protection policies? You can host Ganttic in your corporate servers.