Resources, tasks, and projects are the three main elements help you achieve a better planning experience. For basic scheduling, resources and tasks can be sufficient to allocate your team to their assignments. Implementing projects will help you manage multiple projects with a clearer overview of availability.


Resources are the core of Ganttic. Easily found on the left side of the planner, they could be your team, rooms, equipment, vehicles, or anything that you use repeatedly for your business.

In Ganttic, you can group your resources according to their roles, skills and more. Once they are set up, you can start creating a task to each resource. Give multiple resources the same task by clicking on the '+' button beside each resource.


Tasks are created in the Gantt area by what we call, a click-drag-release. The basic level of use for a task is for scheduling, it works like using a calendar. You can quickly reschedule a task by simply moving it to another area.

Utilize all of the tasks' functions by assigning colors for easy differentiation, adjust utilization time to keep track of each resources' work capacity, or assign projects to the tasks to get the big picture of which projects are on-going.


You can assign tasks to projects or create tasks in a project view. Ganttic is the solution for multi-project resource planning. It means that you can work on multiple projects smoothly by having all your resources and tasks laid out in front of you.

No more redundant cross-checking across project plans to see if a team member is free tomorrow or not. Instantly see the big picture in Ganttic. In Ganttic, you can also open up each project and work on them individually.