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How Poor Project Management Practices Affect Human Resources (Infographic)

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Human resources are every company’s most valuable asset. Time and again it’s been proven that if you treat your workforce right, projects gets completed on time, everyone’s happier, and the returns are higher. So it should be obvious that organizations need to make their human resources a a top priority. And one area that they can start is with their project management processes.

We examine all the areas where project management may be lacking your company. By providing an infographic that showcases oversights in your human resource project management. We’ll also show you what happens when you leave your project management practices to fall to the wayside – and all the negative affects that may occur.

The Expectations of Human Resources

The human resources department has the priorities of all employees and the company at heart. Of all their various responsibilities, HR leaders should have a clear understanding of the ins and outs of a company. While also ensuring that all employees have the right balance of workload. And that employees have the right skills for the job.

However, research shows that regardless of company, 71% of all employees end up managing projects. And 50% of these employees do not have the title of “project management” or as part of their job description.

Meaning employees are often doing a lot more than they originally signed up for.

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“You’re All Project Managers Now”

It is inevitable to have most of the employees be involved in managing projects. This means that these employees are active participants of their work. However, it can be an issue when half of these involved employees do not have project management skills. And when that happens – problems start adding up.

To transform this into a positive advantage, introduce a project resource planning tool to help them plan more efficiently.

How Project Resource Management Software Can Help

Makes Prioritizing Easier & Faster

The good news is according to the human resources infographic above, a good percentage (49%) of employees often start their day knowing what to work on first. But it’s still not the majority.

A project resource management tool can help bump that number up though. That’s because with one, employees can prioritize their daily tasks. And begin to understand which workflows maximize productivity and motivate them. Meaning when employees go to work every morning, they’ll have a clear overview of what’s scheduled first, how their work impacts others’ work and the overall progress of the projects in the portfolio.

A Go-To Platform For All Things Project

According to the infographic on human resource management practices – project data is a mess.

  • 59% of employees store their project data in one or more e-mails
  • 31% of employees store their project data in someone’s personal notes
  • 8% of employees’ project data are not really stored anywhere

And as a result, the 56% of employees who do not store data in a central location, deal with their own problems. Such as regularly shifting deadlines and other issues that cause confusion.

Avoid becoming part of the statistics, use project management software to not only store your project data, but also utilize it as both your and employees’ go-to platform for all things project and schedule related work.

Track Project Status In Just One Place

When 41% of employees track project status across a mix of e-mails, face-to-face discussions and other channels, how vulnerable does your data get, and how much information are in jeopardy of being lost, forgotten or misplaced?

In Ganttic, all of your conversations and actions (updating and deleting) are recorded in-app, so that once any changes are made to the planner, everyone are able to track what’s going on without any pestering notifications or being left out of updates.

To understand more about what a resource planning tool can bring to the table for human resources, take a tour to learn more.

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