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How to Create a Resource Calendar in Project Management

Ganttic is happy to introduce our latest update: an in-app Resource Calendar View. This feature provides a different overview of Tasks and Resources – laid out in a way that’s familiar to anyone who’s used Google, Apple, or Outlook Calendar. Plus this feature provides users with a more convenient way to see what’s on their personal agenda for the day and near future. 

Learn more about the benefits of a Resource calendar and how to create your own Resource Calendar and Agenda View in Ganttic. So you can begin incorporating it in your own daily workflow!

What is a Resource Calendar?

A resource calendar is a tool used in project management to schedule and manage the availability of resources (personnel, equipment, or facilities) over a specific period of time. It provides a visual representation of when resources are allocated to tasks or projects, helping project managers effectively plan and manage resource utilization.

While most people know of resource calendars created in Calendar software, such as GCal or Outlook. One can also be created in dedicated resource planning tools. Which gives a better way to not only manage the general allocation and daily tasks, but other aspects such as utilizations, skills management, and more granular resource tracking.

Key Features of a Resource Calendar in Project Management

Here are some key aspects of a resource calendar:

Resource Availability

A resource calendar shows when resources are available to work on tasks or projects. It helps project managers identify potential scheduling conflicts or resource shortages and make informed decisions about resource allocation.

Allocation and Booking

Project managers can allocate resources to specific tasks or projects by scheduling them on the resource calendar. This ensures that resources are effectively utilized and that tasks are assigned to available resources based on their availability and skills.


Resource calendars typically cover a specific timeframe, such as days, weeks, or months, depending on the duration of the project or the granularity needed for scheduling resources.

View Options

Resource calendars may offer different viewing options, such as daily, weekly, or monthly views, allowing project managers to visualize resource availability and allocation over different time periods.

Color Coding and Visualization

Resource calendars often use color coding or visual cues to indicate the status of resource allocation. For example, available resources may be represented in green, while allocated resources may be represented in red or another color, making it easy to identify resource conflicts or overbookings.

Benefits of a Resource Calendar

As with every new feature, Calendar View provides users with a different perspective on their data. Being able to get a quick overview of what’s been planned, but decreasing the need to run personal reports or create personal single-resource views.

With Calendar View, you also don’t have to sync personal calendars with Ganttic anymore, since you have your own personal calendar within the resource planner. But of course keep using Google or Outlook if you prefer!

A Resource Calendar in Ganttic

Calendar View is a new way to see your planner’s data. You can still see what work your resources are engaged in, but instead of a Gantt chart, you got a detailed resource calendar. All booked tasks in this View are color coded by Resources.

Calendar View in Ganttic, a new way to see your resources on a google calendar hybrid

Within this View, there’s also a brand new Agenda. In the Agenda, you’ll get a rundown of tasks and projects for the next 30 days. Making it a convenient task to-do list. 

Agenda View in Ganttic

Navigating in Calendar View

All Users have access to the Calendar View. You’ll find the icon in the left sidebar.

Click on this icon to get to the calendar View and see your resources' tasks

Once opened, by default you’ll see the current month. And unlike your other Views there’s no way to save a custom date. So just use the arrows to take a peek for what’s in the store for the upcoming months. You can also scroll up or down in the Calendar to travel through time. 

By clicking the Today button you’ll be instantly whisked back to the current day.

Calendar View toolbar

In the upper right corner you can toggle between a month or week View. Depending on how focused you want the Calendar. 

Toggle between week/month or Agenda on the Calendar View toolbar

How to Create a Resource Calendar in Ganttic

In Calendar View, the Taskbars are color coded according to Resource. In case you want to edit the Resource’s color do so by opening a Resource Edit Dialog – just click on a Resource from the Resource List or while on a Gantt Chart. The box next to the Resource’s Name is where you can tweak the color.

Choose the Resource color by opening the Resource Edit Dialog

You’ll see that the Taskbar takes on the corresponding color as the Resource.

Resource Calendar View takes on the color of the Resource

Keep track of which Resources’ Tasks and information you see in the Calendar’s Settings. Here you can also filter out which Resources you see on the calendar. This makes the tool especially useful for individual users who want a quick rundown of their personal tasks for the week. 

Calendar View Settings.

Open the Calendar’s Settings by clicking the hamburger menu at the top. In Settings you can decide what data is visible on the calendar. Choose from amongst your own Task Data Fields., Task start and end dates, or projects.

Over to You

With Calendar View your team members have a quick rundown of what’s in store for their day. It’s a personal agenda in a familiar format that makes it easy to get the info they need for their daily tasks. We’ll be making more tweaks and adjustments in the upcoming months so reach out to support and let us know what you like and what isn’t working – either with Calendar View or with any other feature.

And be sure to stay tuned – because it’s quite likely you’ll see a pocket-sized Calendar View with the release of our new mobile app in the near future. Keep up to date with everything on Twitter and LinkedIn.

Happy Planning.

Try Calendar View today!