Ganttic's Awesome Customers: Attrecto Smartphone Solutions

Categories: Software Reviews
A while ago we promised we'd start a new blog series called 'Clients of the Month', but not to sound too cliché, we modified the name a bit. Here, dear readers, is our first article! Attrecto Smartphone Solutions is one of the largest smartphone software development 
companies in Central-Eastern Europe, we are located in Győr, a nice little town in 
Hungary. Our team consists of 35 people, most of them talented developers that 
sleep with their mobile phones and dream in code.
Most of them have cross-platform developer skills and a bold instinct to share nerd jokes with their colleagues. Our Sales & Marketing department team is more than happy to lead our customers into the endless possibilities of the new smartphone era. 

We develop custom solutions and what we deliver is not only beautiful apps, but 
complex systems too, with backend components, including web services and admin 
interfaces. We also have a wide range of complex and cost-effective mobile solutions - 
let it be stand-alone apps or complex frameworks, you need it, we have it. 

In our apps we use innovative technologies like, for example, Augmented Reality.
Our new generation fitness app, idoo is the first fitness app of its kind that measure your performance during your workout using the sensors of your smartphone, and thanks to AR you can meet your personal trainer in your room - or wherever you’d like to perform your workout. We use AR in Memopoint as well, which is an interactive tour app that takes you back to the past. Vintage feeling guaranteed! 

We have something in our pocket if someone wants to have a compact, quick and 
budget-friendly app for their company. We created InstApp which is a perfect solution if 
you organize events, or your business is related to them, so forget the flyers, save the 
trees and go mobile!

We don’t only develop the apps, but offer mobile strategy consulting too. After 
understanding the goals of the client we analyze its communication channels, define 
and divide the target audience of the planned mobile solution. Designing wireframes 
and analyzing possible technological solutions are also part of our mobile strategy 
consulting service; the result is a roadmap of the mobile strategy of the client. 

For this challenging company structure, we quickly faced the limitations of spreadsheets 
in resource planning. We were looking for a solution which is easy to use, resources 
can be (re)allocated quickly, and the management can get an overview of the resource 
load plotted on multiple timeframes. We found all of this in the Ganttic online resource 
planning tool.

By the guys at Attrecto Smartphone Solutions