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Ganttic Update | Part I: Access Your Resource Planning Data

Ganttic Updates

Over the weekend, we updated Ganttic. We did a little refurbishing and added a major new feature that will open up many new use cases. 

In this blog post, we are going to go over the refurbishing part. If you want to learn about the new feature that will enable more effective communication with all of the stakeholders, read the second blog post regarding the update

Two years ago, we introduced the sidebar to Ganttic. The sidebar makes it easy to navigate in Ganttic — to find every view, report, chart, project, etc that you need with ease.

Every bit of your resource planning data is available through a click on the sidebar. If there’s information to be added, again, the sidebar is there with a one-click solution.

Since we are always finding new ways to take the ease of use of Ganttic to the next level, we took a hard look at the sidebar and analyzed what we have learned about how you guys use it for resource planning. We came to the conclusion that some optimization might be due.

We found was that not all of the sidebar items are used with the same frequency and some get more traffic than others. For us, that was an indicator that some of the sidebar items are essential for daily resource planning, while the others are only used from time to time.

Not surprisingly, the items that were more rarely used were users’ configurations, general settings, and news. You guys give the most attention to the list of views, reports, projects, and resources. We divided the icons accordingly into two groups.

Those of you who like the visual aspects of resource planning might be wondering: “What about the charts?” Don’t worry, the charts are still there.

However, since reports and charts are profoundly close-knit, we decided to marry them once and for all. You can now find the charts when you click on the list of reports.

sidebar update reports and charts

All your resource planning chart and report templates are can be found in one list. Before adding a report or a chart template, you can choose whether you’d like to add one or the other.

sidebar update adding new reports and charts

If you are all about the efficiency, you can add both reports and charts using the + icon on the sidebar. Of course, you can use the + icon to add new views, projects, and resources.

sidebar update add new button

The import function isn’t lost either. When you want to bulk import resources, tasks, projects or data fields, find the import function under the + icon.

That’s that with the refurbishing. The more exciting part of the update will make collaborating using your favorite resource planning software both easier and more efficient. Read all about it in our next blog post.

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