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Updates for Fall 2022: Easier Sharing, Account Owners, Outlook, and More

Ganttic Updates

We’ve been working hard improving our app recently. And as such we’ve rolled out a few smallish updates – that added up, will hopefully lead to some big (and positive!) changes for users.

It’s really a mixed bag of changes – everything from “quality of life” updates, to a new User tier, changes to Outlook sync, and more. Find out what’s new, what’s improved, and how to get the most out of all the updates.

Updates to Ganttic for Fall 2022

Here’s a rundown of everything that’s new. We’ll go more in depth below.

  • Share Any View with Other Users
  • Navigate with Browser’s Back and Forward Buttons
  • New User Tier – Account Owner
  • Resource Add/Edit Rights
  • Time Period Reset
  • Updates to Outlook Sync

Share Any View with Other Users

For starters we’ve made it easier to share Views with other users. Now, every View and Time Period has its own unique URL. 

It's easy to share Views with other Ganttic Users, just copy/paste the URL.

Meaning if you need your co-worker to be looking at the exact same Gantt chart schedule as you’re looking at, just send them the copy/pasted link. The same View you’re looking at, can also be seen by any other user who’s logged in as well.

TIP! Make sure the other Users have access to the View in question. You can double check their permissions to see if they have rights to the View, its Resources and Tasks, and Projects.

Navigate with Browser’s Back and Forward Buttons

The next one is an often-requested “quality of life” change. The back and forward buttons on your browser can now be used to navigate your Ganttic planner. 

Use the browser's back and forth buttons to navigate through your planner.

Need to double check a View but was interrupted half-way through? Just hit the back button to get your train of thought back on track. You’ll see your complete navigational history since the last time you signed in. 

TIP! If you hit Refresh at any time while in the planner, the back and forward sequence may be interrupted. 

New User Tier – Account Owner

Next up, we added a whole new tier of Users – the account Owner. From now on, only Owners will have access to the Account page. And only Owners will be able to upgrade and downgrade their subscription plans.

Owner is the new User type in Ganttic. With this level, you'll be the only one with access to the account page.

Going forward, all creators of the account will be designated an Owner. And only Owners can add other Owners (along with Admins and Users).

But so as not to affect our current clients, all Admins will be automatically relegated to Owner. Congrats! If you’d like to change this, just head to your User settings.

Resource Add/Edit Rights

Speaking of Users and their rights, we also added a new category of permissions concerning Resources. Under Resource rights, you’ll find the category of Add and edit resources.

Add and edit resources is now a permission you can add for Users

That way, you can decide if Users can change up Resources, as well as Resource Data Fields and any assigned Tasks. Allowing some Users to easily update their Data Fields and information, as well as any work assigned to them.

Time Period Reset

Another smaller, “quality of life” update. Now in a View (both Custom and Single Project Views), after the visible Time Period is changed, you can easily switch it back to the View’s default Time Period with the push of a button. Just click the Time Period Reset button that appears on the Calendar.

Easily reset a View to any time period with the default time period button.

This little change will make it easier to check out what’s coming, before quickly resetting plans to your default. Allowing you to look ahead without worrying how to get your Time Period settings back the way you like it.

Updates to Outlook Sync

Finally one more, and it’s a big one! You’ve been asking for it and we’re making good on our promises.

We’ve added more options to our Outlook Sync. Now depending if you go one or two-ways with your syncs, you can also sync up Task and Project names from Ganttic as Event titles in Outlook.

With the Outlook sync in Ganttic, there's more way to receive notifications about projects and tasks.

More ways to stay on top of your jobs and ensure your team members do as well! Check out more tips on synching your Gantt charts with digital calendars like Outlook or GCal. 

Fall into Better Planning

Here’s hoping that these small changes can make some huge impacts to your Q4. And as the year wraps up, we have some other big changes on the horizon. Stay tuned to our blog for all the updates or follow us on Twitter and LinkedIn for announcements and useful planning tips.

Happy Planning!

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