What's the Planning-LITE Concept?

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Keep the project management and planning tools that you are actually going to use and nothing more. Schedule only personnel, facilities or equipment, which bear most of your business expenses.

Ganttic introduces the concept of Planning-LITE; project management and scheduling software that utilizes the main functionality that users want, keeping it simple, easy to use, and affordable.
Planning and scheduling in businesses is as inevitable as bookkeeping. Still, most  businesses are using pen & paper, spreadsheets or paper wall charts for their project and resource management as it is easier to learn and employ. There are software alternatives, such as MS Project, but most of them are complex to learn and expensive to setup.

One of the difficulties small businesses owners run into is trying to learn – or find employees who know how to use Microsoft Project software. It’s an absurdly long haul and a steep learning curve before you can use it. Ganttic does 80% of the job MS Project does with 20% of the effort MS Project requires.

The whole idea of Ganttic is to make all of the planning work visual and based on Gantt charts, which are easy enough for anyone to use, and to avoid large tables with data.  Ganttic aims to apply the 80/20 rule to planning/work: accomplish 80% of desired results with 20% of effort.