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Light Project Management: What’s Planning-Lite?

Ganttic introduces the concept of “Planning Lite.” This equates to using only the elements of project management and scheduling software that are useful, while discarding the rest. Planning Lite utilizes just the functionality that users want. Keeping project management simple, easy to use, and affordable. Find out how to use this revolutionary concept to lighten your own project management workflow. And what features to be on the lookout for when choosing a new “lite” management tool.

What is Planning Lite ?

Planning Lite is using tools to your advantage, but only up to the point where they are useful for the task at hand. Keep the project management and planning tools that you are actually going to use and nothing more. Schedule only personnel, facilities or equipment, which bear most of your business expenses with Lite Planning.

Apparently this concept resonates with those in the business world. As Forbes has even picked up and advocated for this idea. But is this enough for you to want to implement it into your own workflow?

Why Go “Lite”?

Planning and scheduling in businesses is as inevitable as bookkeeping. Still, even in our modern era, many businesses are using pen and paper, spreadsheets or even whiteboards. Since for plenty of people, software is still a struggle. And it’s simpler to stick with what they know. The problem herein lies with the tool, not the user, however.

We as humans are made to believe that more is better. And while usually it is – that’s not always the case. When it comes to technology, there’s no reason to have the extra bells and whistles if that’s not what you’re using. In fact a lot of times, bells and whistles detract from the task at hand. This leaves people with no choice other than to suck it up and bear it, or revert back to prehistoric methods for project and resource management that are easier to learn and deploy.

There are software alternatives, such as MS Project, but most of them are complex to learn and expensive to setup. One of the difficulties small businesses owners run into is trying to find employees who know how to use Microsoft Project software. It’s either that or learn it yourself. It’s an absurdly long haul and a steep learning curve before you can use it. But there is a better way.

Light Project Management Tools

Light project management is about making it simple, easy, and achievable. Here’s some of the best features to be on the lookout for if you’re interested in implementing this concept into your own workflow.

Drag and drop scheduling

The simplest way to create new work. As the name suggests, just click, drag, and release – and the task is scheduled! This method is also great when the things need to be moved around. Simply pick up the task and reallocate it to a free resource.

Learn more about drag and drop.

Visual plans

Spreadsheets do an awful job of project and resource planning. That’s because it’s hard to see what’s next and who’s assigned what. Instead consider using Gantt charts, which are easy enough for anyone to use, and to helps to avoid large tables with an overwhelming amount of data.

Learn more about visual planning software.


If you asked a room full of project managers their most dreaded work activity – reporting would be high up on the list. This is too bad, since reports are also an inevitable part of project and resource management. Luckily with software reports can be completed automatically, using any of the data that’s already inputted. This saves time and hassle.

Lean more about reports.

Lighten the Workload with Ganttic

lighten your workload with Ganttic's project management software.
Lighten your workload with Ganttic’s project management software.

Lighter, simpler project management is achievable. It’s merely about finding balance between an effective planning tool

Ganttic does 80% of the job MS Project does with 20% of the effort MS Project requires. In fact, the whole idea of Ganttic is to make all of the planning work visual. With Gantt charts in tow, Ganttic aims to apply the 80/20 rule to planning/work: accomplish 80% of desired results with 20% of effort. Leaving you with 100% of the results with considerably less effort.

With Ganttic, you’ll have all the project management features you want with nothing extra. Take a tour and see for yourself. Or book a free personal demo.

Interested in utilizing a better project management tool for your company?