Case Study | How To Use Resource Scheduling Tool To Make Plans With Famous Spanish Actors

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Ganttic had the opportunity to visit KiteTeam in Madrid. KiteTeam is one of the most proactive users of Ganttic in terms of giving constant feedback on how to make Ganttic an even better resource scheduling tool. The company itself is a video game localization company that has offices in Spain, Mexico, and Brazil. Guitar Hero, Final Fantasy, Halo, and Call of Duty are just a few examples of many. Sound and sound effects for these games were developed by KiteTeam.

In Madrid, we had the opportunity to meet with Juan Pablo Magariño, Pako Barreras, and Manuel Guerra.

KiteTeam with their favorite resource scheduling tool

You can be considered one of the most passionate users of Ganttic. For which purposes do you exactly use Ganttic?

Well, basically, we used to be three different companies. We were looking for a resource management tool that would make it possible to make schedules for all three recording studios. Now, we have three recording studios in Madrid. Which means that the initial need is still there. We need to see who is using which recording studio, at what time they'll start and at what time they are done. 

kiteteam uses ganttic for scheduling recording studios

Why Ganttic and not some other resource planning software?

Ganttic gives us the opportunity to book an actor, creative engineer, audio engineer or any resource all at once. The strengths for us are undoubtedly scheduling, reporting, and seeing what everybody is doing. It's the big picture that we are after and it's what we get with Ganttic. 

screenshot of kiteteam's schedule made with ganttic

One could say that you are using our resource planning tool for booking the famous Spanish actors?

(Laughs)... Well yes, we do use Ganttic as a tool to control the bookings of actors. We have different views for meeting room availability and different views for each of the multiple projects we are working on. 

kiteteam uses ganttic to control their bookings

What do you like most about planning resources with Ganttic?

Definitely custom data fields. Custom data fields make the software flexible enough to be a good fit for anyone. Thanks to the custom data fields we can enter all the information that one could imagine. When work is already in progress, we use the custom data fields to filter out projects, resources, and tasks that we need. 

One could say that you have customized Ganttic a lot...

To be honest, in the beginning, we just hopped in and started using Ganttic. We didn't read any manuals or support articles. For example, we don't use the holiday function for what it was made for. Not for assigning holidays to our employees but to know the availability of our freelance directors. We mark their available time as holidays and then assigns tasks to them. Whereas holidays are differentiated in Ganttic with pink, it gives us a good visual overview of when they are available.

Can you point out any results that using Ganttic has brought?

It would be difficult to bring out clear statistics but as I mentioned before, thanks to Ganttic we are always able to see the big picture - who is doing what and when it's happening. And all this at one glance since Ganttic is a really good tool for visual planning. 

as a visual ganttic helps kiteteam to see the big picture

Ganttic has simplified our planning process so much that we cannot imagine how it all was done before.