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Case Study | Wincor Nixdorf – Planning resource capacity and project portfolio management across the globe

Case studies

Wincor Nixdorf is one of the world’s leading providers of IT solutions and services to retail banks and the retail industry. The main focus of the Group’s comprehensive portfolio lies on business process optimization, especially in the branch operations of both sectors. They also apply the expertise they have gained from their core business to related industries such as postal services and service station networks. Wincor Nixdorf has established a presence in around 130 countries around the globe, giving it an outstanding profile when it comes to customer proximity. The parent company has subsidiaries in 42 countries. Wincor Nixdorf has a total workforce of around 9,000 people.

Paderborn, Germany

The challenge

They have multiple projects going on at once, which means project managers have to share resources. Often they found themselves at a point where their resources were overbooked, and there wasn’t an easy way to solve it. You can just imagine what a mess 50 managers planning the same resources can cause.

The solution

Wincor didn’t have a resource or project planning tool in use in their organization. They started looking around, and Ganttic was actually the first tool they tried out, and the one they choose to stay with. Julien Mascort from Diebold Nixdorf said: “We didn’t really check out the competition because Ganttic was the tool we were looking for. It was simple. Just drag and drop to add tasks”.

The results

Since they started using Ganttic, their Software Operations Manager Julien says that everything is just easier. They sort out overbookings fast and track workload the way it’s supposed to be done. Ganttic’s instant utilization graphs and percentages add a great deal of value to their scheduling routine.

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Case study | Grass Valley Interview

3 October 2012

We sat down with Grass Valley to talk about resource planning in the media and broadcasting technology sector. And how Ganttic has helped their team.

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