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5 Ways How To Make Father’s Day Special For Yourself

Father’s Day is a day to celebrate fathers, grandfathers, and fatherhood in general. If you are from the US, or the UK, France, China, or India, it falls on the third Sunday of June. In Estonia, where Ganttic is based, Father’s Day or ‘Isadepäev’ is celebrated on the second Sunday of November. Whatever the date, we can all agree it’s a Day worth using the capital D for.

Your kids are probably Googling the best Father’s Day gifts on a budget or how to make cards with macaroni. Your wife is trying to remember that pound cake recipe that reminded you of your childhood or how to make that brisket sandwich you loved so much. They might be organizing a BBQ in your honor since they know how much you enjoy standing next to that grill. That’s how your family shows their appreciation on your big Day.

But, there’s a few things that you can also do for yourself to make the day even more special. Here are 5 ways on how you can make Father’s Day special and ways to enjoy your big day.

1. Prepare for a day off

Taking a day off isn’t always the easiest task. With work, projects around the house, and life in general often getting in the way.

While the planning of time off is easy, unfortunately that’s not all there is to it. You need to make it a mindful kind of a day off. And one that won’t be easily interrupted by everything that gets in the way. Ensuring it’s truly a day for relaxing and doing what you love.

Make sure to:

  • Luckily with resource planners like Ganttic, it’s simple to import national holidays. Meaning the day will already be marked off for you! Alternatively, you can highlight the day as a personal day or take it as a vacation. Either way, everyone will know it’s a day when you aren’t available.
  • Notify others that depend on you that you won’t be available. The world won’t stop if you take a day off. Things will still happen. But it doesn’t matter. You can still take the day off.
  • If you usually plan the tasks for the week ahead on Sundays, you are going to have to do it on the Friday or Saturday. That goes with any other responsibility or task that you’d normally do on a Sunday. The tasks you have can either wait or you can do them beforehand. Don’t make exceptions! Learn how to multitask if you have to.
  • Prep your team for the day off. Write a note and make sure your tasks for the day are covered. That way everyone knows what their tasks are and where they need to be if you can’t be there to guide them. Even the best leaders need to take a day off for some R&R once and while.
  • Take time to let go of the idea that you can peacefully watch TV or visit the gym. Yes, it’s a day for you. But, no, you shouldn’t spend it alone.

2. Be present

ways to make father's day special is remembering to take time off and spend the day with your family and loved ones.

Since you’ve already prepared yourself, being present shouldn’t be too difficult. Above all, you should aim to have a good time and bond with your family. Keep that in mind at all times.

What to do that’ll make it even easier:

  • Turn off your phone or at least mute the notifications. Notifications are a slippery slope. One minute you are just scrolling through them. Another minute you’ll find yourself lost in the depths of your mailbox. Mute those remote tools and let your team take care of it.
  • Enjoy the crafts and gifts. Really enjoy them. Imagine how your wife helped your toddler make a ribbon-shaped pizza for you. Imagine your kids picking out a hideous tie for you or making a tie-shaped gift box. That’s hilarious and precious at the same time.
  • Resource management software can assist in optimizing time and ensuring a well-balanced schedule for Father’s Day. It helps you allocate time slots for different activities, track progress, and avoid conflicts, ensuring that your father’s day is filled with meaningful experiences.
  • Actively think about being present. You know you planned everything out. You know you can afford to take a day off. Wiggle your toes to bring yourself back to the moment.

3. Surprise yourself

If your family has a plan set in stone, go with it. Let them take the wheel. If you feel even a half a thought coming to your mind in the lines of how it’s not what you expected or how you could be doing something useful, let it go. If you are not sure how to do that, go back to the previous tip.

However, if they don’t have everything figured out, have something in the back of your mind that you’d like to do. It can be tricky to figure out what the other person would enjoy. It’s can also be tricky to figure out how to celebrate Father’s Day. Meet your family halfway. One way to make the day special is by sending a heartfelt ecard to express your love and appreciation.

Whatever it is, remember that the day should be about being together and doing things as a team.

Remember to:

  • Practice the surprised face if that’s not something you are good at.
  • Don’t expect anything. Be happy about everything you get.
  • Tell stories and just talk while doing whatever it is you chose to do. Stories about how you used to spend Father’s Days with your dad. Stories about your childhood or a funny thing that happened last week. Storytelling is one of the oldest ways to bond and share knowledge. And you must admit that it’s kind of sweet that your children are forced to take in your wisdom. Even more so if they are teenagers.

4. Take a raincheck

Sometimes there really isn’t a way to take the day off. That’s okay too if you take a raincheck. You could say to yourself that it doesn’t matter and you can be with your family any other day. But will you really?

Father’s Day is a good excuse to squeeze in some of that much-needed quality time. Don’t let that excuse go. It’s not that you really need it or can’t spend time with your family otherwise. It’s just… Take a raincheck and follow through.

Look at your busy schedule and find the next day that you can take off. Don’t find excuses, find a day. You are good at planning time at work. Apply some of those principles here. Consult with your family to see if the day you have chosen suits them as well. Book it. Prepare for it, be present, and surprise yourself.

Here are some Father’s Day outing ideas:

  • Go hiking even if it’s something you never do. Pick a trail that’s suitable for the little ones and pack a lunch. Since it’s spur of the moment, don’t worry too much about the details. However, do make sure that the pound cake is in the picnic basket. If hiking is too much, go for a walk and sit down at the local park.
  • Go fishing. Make a fishing rod out of a branch if you don’t have one. Find a YouTube tutorial if you don’t know how to. Make it into a fun project. Double check if you packed the cake.
  • Stay home and let them show you things that they enjoy. Even if the things they enjoy are memes or Youtubers. Eat the cake if it all gets too difficult to comprehend.
  • Go to an amusement park and find the rides that make you the least nauseous. Throw darts and try to win that pink elephant. Try to impress your family as if you were a teenager and they were that really pretty girl you like. Keep in mind that you probably can’t take the cake with you if you decide to go with this option.
  • Visit your dad. Take the cake with you. Nothing else to say here.

5. Do none of it

If you are the go with the flow kind of guy, just go with the flow. Enjoy your day as you would. Eat the cake. Read the card. But, you know, it’s still a good idea to take the most out of the day. So think about it. Okay?

Make sure to enjoy your father's day and take some time away from work. With Ganttic you can schedule your time off and enjoy it!

What are some other ways to make Father’s Day special? However you want to celebrate it and whatever you want to do. Make sure that you take some time for yourself and do the things that make you happy.

Stop focusing on work and life worries and focus on your family. Happy Father’s Day to all dads, grandads, and father figures out there!