Strategic Project Portfolio Management

High Level Overview

Ganttic is online resource planning software that gives you a bird’s eye view of the portfolio. Visualize your strategy and workflow in a centralized hub of all your projects, resources, and tasks. Track portfolio progress, while keeping an eye on the resource and task utilization.  It’s your one stop shop for PPM.



Align Organizational and Project Goals

Ensure your projects and teams are all working towards the same goal. Optimize strategy with more accurate forecasts. And achieve more with a clearer picture of resource capacity. With better efficiency in place, Ganttic helps match your dreams with reality.

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Multiple Users, Zero Conflicts

Share resources, don’t steal them. Ganttic’s high-level planner guarantees resource capacity across the portfolio. If projects come up short, or teams are heading towards burnout, quickly allocate some helping hands. Different rights and permissions ensure all PMs can resource their projects without stepping on anyone’s toes. 

A Spotlight on Your Data

Project portfolio management software that puts your data in focus. Resource, project, and task custom data fields let you build and organize plans around unique specifics. Group and filter according to location, department, skill set, or anything else you find relevant. Create better plans using all the facts. 

Increase Efficiency with Automation

PPM software with drag and drop. Two-click task scheduling, then click again to allocate resources. Shift entire projects back when new priorities arise, or move deadlines up as efficiency increases. Assign user permissions in bulk, design project templates, and schedule recurring tasks. Wrap up projects with powerful, automated reports. Save time without cutting corners.

Connect Projects and Teams

Transparent collaboration on your terms. All of Ganttic’s pricing packages allow for unlimited users, with customizable permissions. Create custom Views, hiding or highlighting the right info. Share with your team or even outside of your organization, with just a simple URL. Keep stakeholders and clients up to date, and ensure projects are in line with goals. 


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