Boost Your Business Success by Getting Your Employees More Involved

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You don’t have the luxury of counting on luck in the business world.  Instead, all of your success is going to come from carefully-crafted plans.  But did you know that great plans can streamline your work AND make all of your employees perform at their very best?

So, how do you actually CREATE one of those plans?

Get your employees more involved!

If they can see just how valuable the planning process is – like having access to the “big picture” so that they understand how every single detail ties into the finished product – they’ll have more motivation to come up with better ideas.  By giving them an extra shot of motivation, you’ll get everyone a whole lot more excited about getting up and going to work every day!

Here at Ganttic, we’ve come up with a way for planners to get instant feedback from their software.  Instead of waiting for a supervisor to review the plan and hold a meeting to talk about it, they can see exactly how making various changes affects the finished product – and they can see it all with the click of a mouse.  They’ll have the same access to the “big picture” that their supervisors do, which means they’ll be more involved with the process and feel less like a cog in the machine.  And anytime you can make their work less “cog-like”, you’ll get employees that take pride in what they do – instead of just punch a time clock.

Best of all, the excitement won’t stop in the planning phase.  Your employees will be just as excited to start taking action on the plan as they are to create the plan in the first place.   

Talk about a business boost!

Written by Indrek Kuldkepp Connect with me in LinkedIn