Planning with Excel Fades to the Past

Categories: Resource Planning, Task Scheduling

Most of the businesses use resource scheduling in their everyday life, but most common tools for it are still e-mails, paper wall charts, notebooks and Excel spreadsheets. Specialized tools are expensive, complicated and hard to implement. So we saw the gap in the market and created just a right product to fill this gap.

We've been listening to our users from very different areas of life: design agencies, laboratories, churches, schools, manufacturers, service providers, equipment and car rentals, construction and logistics companies scheduling their teams, equipment, and facilities in Ganttic on daily basis. Most of them are using MS Excel for planning, but even in very small teams, it does not work just right. Mostly because of poor sharing options. E-mailing the plan back and forward creates a situation where nobody knows which is the last and most up-to-date version of the schedule.

Web-based solutions, like Ganttic, do not have this problem. Everything just happens in real time. All task movements have recorded history with the precision of 1 second. So you can always see who moved your task or updated the project.

Go and give it a try. It's free and sets no obligations.

Enter the spreadsheet-free zone and find out more about why you should quit resource planning using spreadsheets.