How to "Digitize" the Top Performers

Categories: Management Tips
Motivating your talented and extraordinary workers cannot be done with conventional rewards like company hosted retreats and free lunches alone. Rather, you should implement better technology in the workplace. With the right software, hardware, networking and mobile tools, you will increase the productivity of your best workers significantly.

top performers

Here are some ideas that you can apply to encourage your top performers to become more productive:

Facilitate Mobile Learning

If you want your best employees to deliver better results, provide mobile apps and tools that will help them learn on the go. Most employees do not like taking work home, but you should make your enterprise learning tools available in form of mobile apps. This will enable your talented staff, who desire continuous access to corporate training materials, to study more in the evenings and on weekends. IT related fields, in particular, will improve productivity significantly if they give all their employees mobile access to learning materials.

Provide Tools for Effective Collaboration

Use cloud-based technology like Dropbox and Google Drive to make it easier for your specially endowed staff to work together. Smooth collaboration between your employees and customers, partners, and suppliers will improve efficiency and help you to cut costs. Use the best tools you can afford to eliminate the frustrations caused by slow corporate networks and server downtime. Your employees will be motivated to get things done faster when they don't have to spend time struggling to access documents that are hard to find on a shared network drive. Using an intelligent cloud-based network will enable your workers to use video conferencing, interactive calendar apps, and other efficiency-boosting applications.

Implement Smart Talent Management

With talent management software, you can gain a well-rounded view of each talented person's performance. Beyond the completion of daily tasks and the achievement of monthly or quarterly performance targets, you can have a broad perspective on each person's capabilities. Once you have this information, you will be able to identify the strengths and weaknesses of each worker. This will facilitate the process of staff development and help you to plan ahead and choose the best talent to replace anyone that leaves the company. Thus, you will have the right information you need to delegate tasks that match each person's ability and intelligence and encourage them to perform at their best.

Use Software to Give Prompt Feedback

Do regular performance reviews with the aid of tools that show individual performance and metrics in real-time, instead of waiting for 3 months or 1 year before you do a conventional appraisal. This is very important especially if your company is like many others that never provide ongoing feedback. When employees know that their performance is being monitored constantly, they will put in their best and strive to exceed their previous performance. Don't wait for a whole year to praise or criticise the performance of your staff, deploy the best tools to help your employees keep their performance targets in focus.

Create a Corporate Technology Development Plan

Set new goals for improvement of technology in the workplace. Plan to acquire new hardware, software and upgrade your corporate network. Work out a new mobile strategy that allows employees to work while they are commuting to and from work or when they are working outside the office. Develop a plan to put your enterprise applications on a suitable secure mobile platform, and ensure that you divide the entire plan into phases with clearly defined deliverables that will help you to achieve your overall plan without incurring any unnecessary financial debt. You may break the plan down into a quarterly, half-yearly or annual project phases and review your development plan at the end of each period.

These simple ideas can help you achieve a significant improvement in the productivity of your most talented employees and every other person that works in your company. Depending on your company's size and budget, you may not be able to implement all the recommendations at once. You can arrange the list in any order that suits you and then apply each idea one after the other to encourage your staff to overcome their inner pressure and achieve extraordinary performance at work. Every investment you make in technology should lead to a leap in productivity of your best talents and have an instant impact on your company's income and profitability.

This is a guest post from Mila Payton.