How to Increase Productivity in 4 Steps

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What is holding your company back from optimum efficiency? If you are having difficulty operating your business, it may be the result of a lack of productivity. To enhance the effectiveness of your work environment, try the following techniques.


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1. Find the underlying issue

If your output isn’t as efficient as you would like it to be, find the underlying issue. The problem can present itself in many forms, including ineffective management, unmotivated staff, poor communication, or unclear goals. During this step, it is important to avoid placing blame on any one person or department. If productivity is to increase, it is imperative that you focus on finding a solution, rather than pointing the finger. 

2. Create solutions

Once you have worked out the underlying issue, it is now time to create solutions. Take time to brainstorm with other individuals in your company; they can provide valuable insight that you may be missing. Specifically, if the problem is lack of motivation, try adding incentives. If you are experiencing ineffective communication, revisit your organizational structure to ensure that interactions are seamless. 

3. Implement goals

With your solutions in mind, it is now time to address goals and targets with employees. When an organization has a common goal, the business will function more smoothly, leading to increased productivity. Furthermore, ensure that each department, group, manager, and employee is clear about their tasks and duties. When employees are unsure about their roles, it will only waste time and decrease productivity. Provide an outlet staff can use to reach out if they are having trouble meeting their goals. 

4. Check in continuously

Without micromanaging or creating a culture of mistrust in the workplace, check in with your employees. Ensure that they are clear about production goals and give them the opportunity to provide feedback. This step is especially important because employees maintain the day-to-day functioning of your business. Their opinions can help enhance productivity while also making them feel valued. 


Once you have achieved these steps, you should see an increase in production, leading to an increase in profits. This does not mean, however, that you can take a back seat. Being a business owner means consistently assessing every aspect of your company to ensure maximum efficiency.


Per Wickstrom is the founder and CEO of Best Drug Rehabilitation, one of the top holistic rehabilitation centers in the country. He found sobriety after a decades-long struggle with addiction and has since dedicated his life and career to helping others find the same life-affirming success he has. Connect with Per via Twitter or LinkedIn.