The Disadvantages of Spreadsheets: Scalability Options

Categories: Management Tips
Are you familiar with the expression ‘the world is getting smaller’? But besides getting smaller, the world’s getting faster as well so it’s only proper to have a tool suitable for a constantly changing environment, resource management tools included.

Time is something we can never get back. Time is also one of the most valuable possessions we will ever have. Besides that, the world is getting faster by the minute and not in terms of astrophysics, but namely, because we ourselves make it so.

Laptops, various hand-held devices and staying constantly ‘connected’ are just a few things pointing to the fact, that the working environment is no longer limited by the working hours or office walls, but working is done everywhere and constantly (if you really are trying to accomplish something).

It’s good if you’re all about efficiency, but keep in mind, that efficiency is not just a mindset, but a complex intertwined structure of people and tools, with one goal in mind.

Besides having a common goal, it’s just as important to have the right tools and when choosing them, most of us are lost at sea. Most people usually choose a tool by their gut feeling and/or price. Both good indicators, I’m sure, but is that enough?

Businesses nowadays have to be ready to (re)act quickly and it’s up to the people, but mostly tools, where we tend to get caught up. 

For example, can you imagine managing your 150 different resources in one spreadsheet? Can you also imagine, how difficult it can be?

It might sound strange, but scalability is something we don’t think about before it’s too late. As your organization grows, you have to send and resend spreadsheets over and over again and during all this, can you imagine the amount of work you will be doing and the risk of making errors?

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