Want to Motivate Your Team: Here is the Recipe

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Companies usually have teams to complete important jobs in a much effective and faster way. A team means combined efforts, knowledge, energy, and skills, and if the people in a team are fully motivated, then they can accomplish anything that they would want to.
If you want to motivate your team, here are some tips you can follow to help them be more driven and enable them to do their best every time.

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What is Motivation?

Motivation is what makes a person move forward to reach a particular goal. It can’t be observed directly, but can be inferred through a person’s behavior.

In the workplace setting, motivation plays a huge factor in the success of every task. When people are motivated, they have a very positive outlook on life and would always be excited with what they’re doing, the new experiences they are going to go through, and that they have spent their time well by doing something worth it. Motivated people enjoy doing their jobs and are doing their best in whatever task is given to them.

Of course, leaders would want their team to be effective; each one should be motivated. It’s one of your responsibilities to take notice of your members’ motivation and inspiration at work.

What are the Types of Motivation?

1.   Extrinsic Motivation is using external factors to encourage the team and to make them do what you want. These external factors may include any of the following:
  • Pay raise
  • Time off
  • Bonus checks
  • Threats of job loss
2. Intrinsic Motivation is using internal forces; it can be personal desires to overcome challenges, to produce works with great quality, or to interact with the members that you like and trust. People who are intrinsically motivated get satisfaction and enjoyment from whatever they do.

Every team member is different from one another, so their motivators would also differ. This is why it is a must that leaders know the whole team and discover what the things that would keep them motivated are. Leaders can then plan out their moves to make sure that each member of the team is motivated enough. You can also try to consult with experienced workers comp attorney to give you some more ideas and pointers.

Ways to Keep Your Team Members Motivated

 It is your job to set standards, inspire, and motivate the whole team to reach their full potentials and be more effective in their work. You can’t just sit and focus on your personal goals because that won’t get you and your team anywhere. Here are some ways you can do motivate and inspire your team.

Find out their needs

For your team to be successful, you need to know their thoughts and ideas, particularly their needs. You have to listen to them so you would know what is needed and could formulate some ways to address them.

Lead by example

Your habits, actions, and leadership will affect your team. You should lead by example so your team can follow well. Don’t do things just because you’re in a higher position; that is just a bad mentality. 

Be Decisive

In making decisions, ‘just do it’ would be the right words. Your actions would determine your growth and success, as well as for your team’s. Just like in setting a good example, when you can show your decisiveness, your team would also follow after you and develop own decision-making skills.

Push Them To Their Limits

You need to push them. If you don’t, they’ll remain stagnant and with no improvement. There will be work done, but everyone won’t probably get that feeling of excitement and growth. Encourage them from time to time; tell them to go out of their comfort zones. Doing so would bring you closer to excellence and success, leaving behind mediocrity. 

Encourage Personal Growth

Great leaders know how to encourage their team to seek personal growth while mentoring them at the same time. You can start by sharing to your team members some good reads about personal success so they can read them, or encourage them in attending business events where they can have a network with others. 

Personalized Motivational Approaches

Your team is made up of different individuals with unique skills, backgrounds, circumstances, and experiences. Each one would be motivated in a variety of ways, and some would be less or more practiced in self-motivation. You can choose from a lot of tools and strategies which can be applied as an approach for motivating individuals. 

Avoid Useless Meetings

To make use of the time, have an agenda ready for meetings and distribute them ahead of time. Just invite the ones needed and always start on time, and try to end it as fast as you can. Although meetings are good, there are times when it just becomes a waste of time, so you need to maximize your time.

All of these would work well especially if the leader is doing his/her job. Motivate team members and always encourage them to exceed their expectations. When you are effective as a leader, you can help others in achieving great things.

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