3 Resource Management Questions You've Got to Get Answered

Categories: Management Tips, Resource Planning
The best-laid plans might not actually BE the best plans when you take them into the trenches.  As your project moves along, you've got to assess your plans and make sure they don't need any tweaking. How do you do make sure your resources are always managed well?

By getting the answers to these 3 resource management questions:

1.  "What are my resources doing?"
Whether you're talking about people, money, or physical objects, you've got to know where they are and what their status is.  Are they overloaded?  Are they ahead of schedule?

Once you check in with your resources, you may discover that your original plan was completely unrealistic -- and needs a total overhaul right now, if you have any hope at salvaging your project.

2.  "Are we at capacity?"
If you are, can you handle working that way until the end? (Again, it all goes back to your resources.  If you're putting too much strain on them, they're eventually going to buckle.)

If there's any doubt as to whether or not you can handle your project as-is, come up with a way to throttle-back a bit.  That way, you won't have to worry about burning out all of your resources.  Better you take things down a notch now than to totally run out of steam later!

If you're not at capacity, what else can you add to the project to make it even better?  For example, can you push up your deadlines?  Just be realistic, though.  It's better to operate at a rate slightly lower than full capacity, rather than trying to do too much.

3.  "How will this affect future projects?"
There's no substitute for good ol' fashioned experience!  You may discover a new way to streamline things that you never would have come up with during the planning process.  Or, you may discover that your plan was a little too rigid or lax.  Either way, the right assessment will guarantee that you never make the same mistake twice!