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There are several ways one can approach performance management, but the regardless of the solution chosen, one should keep in mind the goal - higher efficiency.


Performance management includes several different activities, which all ensure that the goals are met in the most effective and efficient manner. An organization, a department, an employee, or even the processes to build a product of service can be in the focus of performance management. It’s is also known as a process where different organizations align their resources, systems, and employees to achieve strategic objectives and priorities.
So be it that you are a small or middle-sized organization or just a department of a multinational corporation, one has to keep in mind the goal they all share - striving towards a more efficient and cost-effective working methods.

If you are a part of an organization fixed on being effective, all work is planned ahead. Always. It might sound something not vital to your field, but in fact, planning means setting performance expectations and goals for groups and individuals to channel their efforts toward achieving organizational objectives - it means pooling your resources for a common goal. At the same time, one should keep in mind, that planning is something, that should include the employees as much as possible, for only a realistic plan can be achieved. By a ‘realistic plan’ I mean of course the management’s … occupational shortcoming often seen in various organizations - the inability to know and see all the details and nuances, that can often be the direct cause of being unable to execute a plan.

Monitoring and rating
Monitoring means keeping an eye on your projects at all times, consistently measuring the performance of all the resources included in the original plan, providing ongoing feedback to all parties and work groups on their progress toward reaching their goals and the general state of things as well.
A big part of this is progress reviews done both individually and as teams, comparing them at the same time to the organization’s standards if such do exist. Here it becomes yet again clear if the plan primarily made, was too much (unrealistic plan) or did all the planners do their homework and were they, in fact, aware of the team members individual capabilities. An unrealistic plan would backfire already in this phase.
Monitoring one’s resources (employees, for example) offers also a great opportunity

Besides giving great insight into the planning and the execution capabilities of your organization, monitoring and rating can also give you insight into development needs - where the shortcomings are,what should be done differently and what does the overall process look like. During the planning and monitoring processes, deficiencies in performance become evident and can be addressed quickly and without any unnecessary fuss. Areas for improving good performance also stand out, and action can be taken to help successful employees improve even further, making the organization itself even more solid and increasing efficiency.

The main topic that can be seen here is that every organization should stand for having work processes, that make having the overview easier. Based on that, finding tools and improving performance even further is a piece of cake.

By Indrek Kuldkepp