Creating Reports and Staff Schedules Without Breaking a Sweat - the Best Practices

Categories: Management Tips
Keeping an eye on your staff and reporting in general may be a daunting task if you don’t have the right tools to do it.

Granted, there’s always ‘good old’ Excel or any other spreadsheet program to help you, but in order to really boost your productivity, find a software - or better yet, an app online - that does half the things for you, because while spreadsheets are great at doing many things, the constant coloring, formulas, and mistakes that happen too often are enough to drive a HR manager mad.

Truth be told, I can’t imagine anyone using spreadsheets for scheduling their staff, as so many awesome apps are out there. Many of them with really good prices.

During the several years that Ganttic has been operating, we’ve helped hundreds of enterprises solve their human resource related problems and after all that time, we can now say, that there are essentially two major things enterprises are interested in: firstly it’s the prognosis or future reporting - seeing your organization’s resources in action in the future.
The other thing is the difficulty level of reporting current events - what data can be retrieved, how much fuss is with that and is the data scalable or just a pdf for view.

Come to think of it, that are exactly the things most of us want to know: what’s happening now and what’s going to happen.

When looking into what’s going on at the moment, the most important thing about an app is the ease you can access your data. When looking for an app to help you and your organization, bear in mind, that the user interface or UI (as the pros call) doesn’t force you to learn new things. What I mean is, if you’re a person with some experience surfing the net, you have surely noticed that there are some trends, that most content providers follow. The app you are planning to use should follow the same principles.

Running an organization is all about planning and scheduling. Looking ahead to be sure that things are planned well and no hiccups will disturb you. Many apps offer the possibility to do future prognosis, but how many provide such services that are also easy to use? For example, you want to change a minor thing in your reports, and that will automatically turn the whole plan upside down. Frustrating, isn’t it?

So either you’re looking for an app to spit you out ready-to-present reports or you’re looking to do a more extensive analysis on the future of your staff, be sure that the tool you choose is the right one because there’s only one thing worse than a bad tool. That’s looking for a new one.