Fight Recession with Better Planning and Scheduling

Categories: Management Tips, Resource Planning, Task Scheduling
Are you ready to make 2012 your best year yet?... Working smarter (and more profitably) requires better planning and scheduling of the most valuable elements of your business: Resources
Resources (staff, equipment, vehicles, facilities, etc.) aren’t only the most valuable elements in your business, they’re also the most costly. So when they’re not being used at 100% of their potential, you loose money. Do you know how well your resources are being utilized?

Ganttic helps you to easily schedule and manage your resources, giving you instant control over your resource usage. This unique system gives you a “bird’s-eye view” with simple drag&drop tools that make resource management easy and understandable for all of your team members.

Whether you’re managing a large agency, small business, construction firm, lab, church, manufacturing firm, school, architecture firm, or any other business around the world, Ganttic has the flexible resource management tools you really need...

But we’ve noticed that it’s been a while since you last used Ganttic. So we wanted to make sure you knew about these great new features created for you...

Here are just a few “work smarter” features for 2012:
Display worktime only in Gantt chart
Measure and analyze resource utilization

We want 2012 to be your best year yet!