Ganttic: The 5 Pros Compared to ERP’s. Pro #2

Categories: Management Tips
In the time and age, where everything is shared, you naturally expect the same functionality from the tools you work with, especially your resource planning software.

Of course some people might not be used to this and for them we have created another kind of solution, but any company that is interested in keeping their credibility intact takes security very seriously, so by sharing I mean sharing your work with your coworkers and other relevant parties, not with the entire world.

Sharing in itself is trivial, when you compare the whole thing to the different sharing options various ERP’s have to offer – have you noticed the bigger the ERP’s are, the more options are added? To the customer in the middle of the process of buying the ERP, endless features and choices are presented as a good thing. But is it really?

How many times have you worried about just getting some work done, when instead you have to spend your time and energy in understanding the different features the ERP, your company’s management took into use, has to offer? 

In many occasions, you might find yourself in a position, where you just spend your time on configuring and re-configuring your tool, just you could share your reports with a few colleagues. And to think, that this is the tool, that’s supposed to make your life easier? Kind of a silly situation, isn’t it?

It would seem, that different companies, offering ERP’s with their endless functionalities, have taken into account the process and efficiency, not the main component – the person using the system.

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Next week I’ll write about why having a big ERP service provider is not necessarily a good thing.

By Indrek Kuldkepp