Ganttic: The 5 Pros Compared to ERP’s. Pro #5

For the past few weeks I’ve put down a couple of thoughts regarding ERP’s (Enterprise Resource Planning software), resource management software, talked about what kind of alternatives we offer and why some of them might not be the best choices for business. In this chapter I’ll do a small summary of the previous articles and as a cherry, I’ll tell you at the very end, why where ERP’s usually fail miserably.

ERP’s are hard to use

Yes, they are! Most likely, anyway. As ERP’s aim to provide a great service for anyone, it means the number of possibilities available is astonishing. And regardless of your background, you’re still going to spend a lot of time implementing and learning all of the ERP’s possibilities.

Options to share materials are scarce

Sharing is everything and if ERP’s have some built-in features that simply forbid you from doing it, you’re going to find yourself in a pickle and not just because you don’t have rights appointed to you by the system administrator, but just because there is no such solution.
A totally different story is using a system that updates itself to all its collaborators automatically, hence now additional sharing is actually needed.

Flexibility – everything is built in

ERP’s are usually built as a whole so there’s no meddling with the source code or modifying it in any way.
In addition, the bigger your ERP’s service provider is, the more likely its customer support is there to help you find solutions to all the small issues like the upload of your profile picture.
In my opinion, the smaller the service provider is, the more flexible it usually is, which in terms of user comfort means faster service and possibly even smaller developments, just to please you.

Do you use a 100 per cent of your ERP’s?

Like I mentioned, ERP’s are usually big and that means there’s a lot of resource to use. And you might think your utilizing the full capacity of your ERP, when in fact, it’s more like 60 or 70 percent. But you’re still paying for the whole thing, aren’t you?
And that, dear readers, brings me to my final ‘pro’.


There’s a lot you can say about your resource management software and it’s ‘awesome’ quality-price ratio, but in the end, only you can decide, whether it’s for you or not. And don’t take my word for it either – test, test, test!


Thanks for reading!

By Indrek Kuldkepp