Resource Management - Are You Making the Most Out of your Resources?

Categories: Resource Planning
Poor resource management takes more time and money away from your projects than you might think...
Are you making the most of your limited company resources?

Lots of businesses aren't -- which is unfortunate, because no matter what industry you're in, time is money.  If you don't take full advantage of each of your resources, you're leaving valuable money on the table!

But how do you know if you're actually getting the most out of your resources?  How would you know to look for a more efficient way to do things?

That's where resource scheduling software comes in!

With it, you can keep track of every minute you spend working on a certain project.  That way, you can see what percentage of your time these tasks actually take.

Why is that so important?

Because there's no other way to see if you're missing out on profits!  It's a solid way to measure the money you're actually making vs. the money you could be making.

Let's say your resource scheduling software crunches the numbers and tells you that 85% of your working hours last week were spent slaving over a particular project.  How does that measure up to the money you're making on this project?  Are the profits worth all of that time?  You may discover that you actually under-charged your client!

Now what?

There's nothing you can do about this current client and his current price.  However, you can make sure the same mistake doesn't happen again.  Thanks to your resource scheduling software, you know that you have two choices -- come up with ways to be more efficient (without cutting corners of course!), or charge more on the next project.

Had it not been for your resource scheduling software, though, who knows how long you would have gone under-charging people!