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Project Management for Creative Agencies

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Creativity is the fruit of time and inspiration. To pave the way for creative agencies to focus on what they do best – solving problems with creative solutions, use project management.

What is Creative Project Management?

Creative project management is a systematized approach for getting work completed and delivered to your clients. It’s all the processes and standard operating (SOP) procedures put in place so those in creative businesses and teams can clear a path for smooth planning, organization, monitoring, and deliverance of creative endeavors.

For a project manager to be effective and successful in this field it takes a lot of coordination between specialized teams. Take for example a design agency that’s creating a new website for a client. The final product would be a collaboration between web developers, designers, copywriters, illustrators, coders, photographers, and more. Meaning the project manager would need to be a liaison between different teams, resources, and stakeholders, all while trying to adhere to a realistic schedule and making the client happy in the meantime.

Why is Project Management Important for Creative Agencies?

Although it may seem that

Faced with cash and accounting, client management, administration and time constraints, juggling daily operational tasks have proved to be time-consuming.

The Creative Project Lifecycle

What are the steps to take a project from its early stages to getting it in the hands of your client? Here’s what a completed picture looks like.

Step 1: Initiation

During the early stages of project development, the agency and client will work closely together. They will identify the key objectives and goals along with

Creative agencies can learn to utilize Ganttic for managing staffs and time for sustainable efficiency in running their agencies. On top of various levels of usage, Ganttic offers the ability to switch quickly between the big picture and nitty gritty details. View the slideshow to learn more about the specifics of resource planning for creative agencies.

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