Resourcing Doesn’t Need to Be Difficult

Categories: Resource Planning
Always finding yourself buried under stacks of resource data waiting to be sorted, planned and scheduled? Read on.

Here’s what usually happens:
When you delegate tasks to resources, you face the perils of a messy and often stressful process. Tightly bound to these resources’ roles, capabilities and appropriateness, it feels like a whole day’s work to create a working schedule. You’re almost done when you receive an e-mail stating changes to a few resources’ availabilities. There’s nothing you can do but reschedule. By the time you’re done, the days have turned into weeks and you can’t believe that’s all you spent your time on.

Here’s what you need:
A resource planning expert that does all the redundant work for you, leaving you with only the important decision-making. This helper should allow you ample control over your resource data while demonstrating valuable competence for your resource planning needs. Scheduling and rescheduling should no longer be a struggle, teamwork can be easily stimulated and best yet, having your trusty calendar at your fingertips.

Here are a few tips to enhance resourcing:
  • Allow yourself time to review each resources’ skills and ability. Knowing where each person's strengths are will help you plan around their capabilities to your projects effectively.
  • It’s easy to overlook what your project’s objectives are, try making it a point to understand what each project needs and what type of scheduling fits best with it.
  • Always plan with potential changes in mind. Having a Plan B will greatly improve your chances of adapting to any unforeseen circumstances.
  • Plan comprehensively for the near future and sparingly for the far future, this provides you and your team a better idea on how to best utilise resources for both short term and long term projects.
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Author: Patricia Goh