Staff Tracking

Categories: Resource Planning
When people talk about resources, resource management and resource allocation, they often talk about machinery, equipment and management of inanimate objects. In fact, people can be resources too.

Quite often people turn to us in hopes to use our awesome app to allocate and manage human resources, but leave disappointed, as Ganttic doesn’t offer them the possibility an average HR app would. It is true, that Ganttic is not an HR app and can, therefore, have some shortcomings that you wouldn't expect. Regardless, many shortcomings have been overcome simply by working around some problems.

Tracking utilization in real time

Ganttic is all about resource management or better yet - efficient resource management. And I’m sure you agree, but efficiency is something that needs your constant attention.
That is the one reason we included the utilization feature to be amongst the ‘basic’ features - it is one of the most important things in resource management that is seeing, how much your resources are being utilized or in other words - are you wasting money or not. If you are a person who is interested in your organization working like clockwork, being efficient at the same time, utilization is something you cannot overlook.

In addition, it is one thing to calculate utilization later, using spreadsheets (Excel) and then making your conclusions, but it’s a whole different story when the utilization is calculated and shown in real time. Being able to see right away, which of your resources are over- and which under booked is vital.

Better view, smarter decisions

You can surely see the benefits of real-time resource allocation and utilization, but can you imagine collaborating the whole data with different departments? Well, we added that too and the reason for this is quite simple. We believe in an office without ‘walls’, i.e. people being able to work outside the designated office. Besides, on many occasions, it is not physically possible to work in the same place. That are the reasons we decided to keep Ganttic online and ‘in the cloud’, so everyone and anyone interested could access it as needed. Professional freedom, I believe, is the term.
Keeping an eye on your resources, their workload, and deadlines and having a bird’s-eye view of it all, gives the advantages you need to run your organization efficiently. That’s what it’s about, isn’t it? Smart choices and saving money.