Timetable or Scheduling Software?

Categories: Task Scheduling, Management Tips
Have you been trying to replace this old paper wallchart or whiteboard in your organization? It is a hard decision as everybody's used to the old system and its shortcomings. Scheduling on paper or whiteboard is easy, but life always makes its corrections and any plan or timetable needs rescheduling. Rescheduling on paper means usually rewriting the whole schedule. Whiteboard has its advantages in front of paper but still shares some of the weaknesses. What if you want to see a longer time range than visible on your wall chart/whiteboard? How to share the data in your schedule with people who are not passing by? What if several people have to deal with planning? How do they manage edits? 

Probably that's why you've been thinking about advantages of modern technology and reading this blog post here. But where to start from? There are tons of solutions. Which one is right for you?

If you manage just one big and complicated project then MS Project is worth learning. It has hundreds of features what should make your life easier but they only do if you learn to use them in right order etc. It is also pricey and hard to share, but as said, in case of big and complicated projects it is worth it.

If you need a very simple timetable for just few people or resources, go for Google Spreadsheets. It is basically same as MS Excel but free of charge and web based. So your timetable will be always up to date and accessible to your colleagues.

If you manage several projects / jobs / orders at the time and have more than just couple coworkers, Ganttic is just a right choice. It is web based, intuitive and free up to 10 employees / resources. Make a free account and take it to the test drive here