Tools or People vs Tools and People

Categories: Resource Planning, Management Tips

I read an article* recently and that got me thinking about the role various resource management softwares and other tools play in modern day businesses and the lives of its employees.

It’s rather frightening to see how much dependent we have become in various IT-systems, that help us manage the ever-so-growing amount of data. I say ‘frightening’ because dependence can often be seen as a weakness.

When looking for a new resource planning tool to help you manage your resources better, does it seem to you, that the attitude the slogans tend to have is ‘you’ll need nothing else’ of ‘people are the thing of the past’?

It’s like you are promised that with this new tool you are able to manage your resources better without involving any people altogether. Like an AI (artificial intelligence) that needs nothing but a goal and energy (power) to work towards it.

Operating in the SaaS industry I must say there are a lot of tools and apps that are able to help you in various ways, but I have yet to come across one that could do all the tasks for you, i.e. human intervention is inevitable.

I think marketing has you fooled and they are mistaken – there is no system that could replace the humans. Not yet, at least.

It would seem, that the marketing message most of the tools have is ‘tools or people’, rather than ‘tools & people’ – machines and people working together to achieve a common goal. A common misconception, if you ask me.

By Indrek Kuldkepp