In the Loop with Real-Time Updates 

The resource management software has live updates so you can instantly see when someone has made changes to the plans. Your team can get instant notifications about the new assignments you have planned through the mobile app.

One Plan with Different Sets of Rights

The multi-user interface allows you to decide what each user can have an access to. You can select if they can only see some of the resources, view the projects they are working on or edit the tasks they need to complete. 

Customized to Your Needs 

You can make the planner fit your needs through custom data fields that enable you to add any kind of information to your resources, tasks, and projects. 

Any Industry or Type of Resource

It doesn't matter if you are designing or developing, booking people or machinery, it only matters if you need an easy-to-use resource management software.

Case Studies

All the Tools You Need

Anything from Google Calendar synchronization to automated reporting and task dependencies. You got it.

Sync the Gantt charts to Google Calendar or Outlook Calendar to have your plans at one place. 

Add notes to tasks or projects to comment on issues or to congratulate on a job well done. 

Optimize and track the plans made using reports. You can create templates and send reports out automatically.

Go back in time to keep track of the changes made to your resources, project, and tasks.

Choose the task timing options that work best for you.

Set task dependencies so your team will know which task should be finished before another one can start.

 "Ganttic allows us to manage resources, workload, and availability at a glance. It is so easy to add tasks with multiple dependencies, from analysis to development, testing, and QA. We can move things around, plan, use color coding for project status or phases. Creating reports on a jiffy, managing holidays, vacations and what else. Probably the only software from many others required in my daily routine, that I really like using."

Sylvain Vanier, Software Development Coordinator, LOC Software