Like a Free Resource Planning Template, but Better

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If you are looking for a free resource planning template for multiple projects or a project portfolio template, Ganttic does the same job as the template, but better.

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Excel Can’t Compete with Ganttic’s One-Click Utilities  

  • Click-drag-release planning
  • Task milestones and dependencies
  • Automatic resource utilization calculation
  • Custom data fields & color schemes
  • Resource grouping & filtering
  • Viewpoint selection to create reports
  • Google Calendar synchronization

7 Ways Ganttic Beats a Resource Planning Template

  1. No need to be an Excel master
  2. Transparent, flexible collaboration
  3. Easy adaptation of plans when things change
  4. Smart team scheduling & timeline planning
  5. Clear visual planning of resources & projects
  6. Simple task allocation, utilization tracking & reporting
  7. Track task, project and resource history to the second

Resource Management Needs Effective Collaboration

The main problem with using Excel spreadsheets for resource planning or project portfolio management is that it’s extremely difficult for teams to work on a plan together. In difference, Ganttic allows many people to collaborate. You can add unlimited users and personalize permissions for reading, viewing or editing plans.

How Does Ganttic Compare to Excel?

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How to Migrate from Excel to Ganttic

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14-day free trial. No credit card required.

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