Drag-and-Drop Scheduling

You can easily schedule your resources by dragging and dropping tasks. You can add multi-resource tasks for even faster scheduling. You can visualize everything that's going on in the shape of Gantt charts.

Track Resource Availability

You can see who's available at one glance. A few clicks on the timeline will show you the long-term availability or what's going on in the short-term. Nothing less and nothing more.

Resource scheduling software helps track resource load.

Alternative to Spreadsheets

You can still make as simple resource schedules as you would with spreadsheets. The only difference is, you can delete the clunky resource scheduling templates you have collected over the years. All the Gantt charts you drag and drop will be in one easily accessible tool.

Any Industry and Type of Resource

It doesn't matter if you are designing or developing, booking people or machinery. Ganttic is an easy-to-use resource scheduling software that is designed keeping a manager in mind.

Case Studies

All the Tools You Need

Anything from coloring options to recurring tasks. You got it.

Create your own colors schemes to track task or project progress. You'll know which tasks are connected to which projects just by looking at the colors of them.

Sync plans made in Google Calendar to Ganttic or the other way around. Or sync the schedules made in Ganttic to Outlook Calendar.

Choose between different task timing options to find the one that works best for you.

Make tasks recurring to save time on scheduling. 

Add notes to comment on problems or to let your team know they are doing good. 

Add different custom data fields to you resources, projects, and tasks to create custom views with different groupings and filtering. 
We are new users and this shared scheduling solution has helped us by have increased visibility.

John Farias
, Controls Engineering manager, Felsomat USA Inc.