New Feature: Capacity Utilisation Graphs

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The capacity utilisation feature allows you to keep track how much work your resources have been assigned. The new Ganttic interface has only shown capacity utilisation in the form of percentages. We are excited to announce the roll-out of a new visualisation for capacity utilisation.

Capacity Utilisation Graphs

Above every task there is a coloured line. Each line indicates how packed that period is (and not just a task) for a resource, by combining the 'Busy Time' of all the stacked task within that period.

Take a look at the screenshot above as an example. Resource 'Nicole Costa' has two tasks scheduled between 26th October to 28th October. The coloured graph tells us that the combined capacity for this resource during that period has gone over 101%. Nicole herself or her employer would have to make adjustments so as to relieve her from an impossible work schedule.

What do the colours stand for?

 Blue   -   1% to 33% 

 Green   -   34% to 66% 

 Yellow   -   67% to 100% 

 Red   -   101% and above 

Activating the graphs

Not every user needs the graph utilisation feature. We have made it so that you can turn it on or off according to your needs. This can be found under 'Settings' (top right corner of your planner), in the Extensions section. Simply toggle the switch beside 'Resource utilization' and click on 'Apply' to save your settings.

settings resource utilization

We will continue to develop and introduce new features aimed to make your resource planning experience smoother and better. If you would like to learn more about the core utilisation feature, read this post. Want to give it a try but don't have an account yet? Get your 14-day free account with unlimited everything here.

Author: Patricia Goh