Drag and Drop Scheduling

Create Gantt charts with ease. Assign colors according to task progress. Book multiple resources at once.

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Multi-Project Planning

Have a control over your project portfolio. Schedule tasks for each project separately. Have an overview of how it all comes together.

gantt chart creator that enables multi-project planning

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Easy Rescheduling

Save time with easy resource allocation. Adjust the length of the Gantt charts. Move tasks around quickly. Know that every change you make is instantly shared with your team via live updates.

Any Industry and Type of Resource

It doesn't matter if you are designing or developing, booking people or machinery.  Ganttic is an easy-to-use Gantt chart software that is designed keeping a manager in mind.

Case Studies

All the Tools You Need

Anything from Google Calendar sync to custom views. You got it!

Turn Google Calendar to Gantt charts
and vice versa. You can sync your
events with Ganttic and send task
from Ganttic to Google Calendar.

Control what the users have access to using user rights.

Use reports and charts to analyze the visual plans you have created using
Gantt charts.

Plan by effort it should take or use
the different task timing options to
manage the workload.

Add dependencies between Gantt charts to establish the due order of the tasks.

Create custom views of your resource
plan using grouping, filtering,
coloring and more.

I really like how easy it is to view the Gantt chart.

The labeling with different colors makes it very easy to visually understand it.

Names and titles are easy to see and you can very easily filter by the dates and the projects!”

Josh R., Project Manager, Software Development Industry

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