Google Calendar Sync - Why Not?

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Spring is here! And as such, it's only suitable to give you something new to help you get  more out of your planning and scheduling. Head's up! Here comes a tip for the power user!
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People who have been following our blog probably noticed the piece I wrote about how Ganttic could be used as a free Gantt chart - one of the nice aspects of Ganttic.
Today, I'd like to point out yet another simple, yet a highly useful feature. A feature, that ranks easily in the top three as the most loved feature in our team. 
Be it only a quick lunch or a position that requires constant relocating from work site to work site, you need to stay up to date and the feature I'm referring to could very well be what you need. I'm, of course, talking about the sync between Google Calendar and your resources in Google Calendar.

One, two,...*

If you're all thumbs when it comes to tech and/or software, you'll love setting up the Google sync. If not, you'll love the added value it has to offer. The setting up is easy as "one, two, ...." - there's no "three", because there is only two steps. 
While logged into Ganttic, choose a resource you wish to sync and then choose a calendar you wish to sync the resource with. The whole process is automated and you'll be guided all the way, which means you will be automatically taken from A to B with no unnecessary hassle. Providing Google does their part, of course...

The added value

People familiar with Ganttic know, that we do not have a mobile app for Ganttic. Not yet, anyway.
Google Calendar sync is a great substitute, as the information in Ganttic can be received on any handheld device that has access to the internet - I've yet to see a device that doesn't run a calendar of some sort. 
If you're "friends" with Google Calendar, you can even set it to inform it's viewer about approaching appointments to-dos (tasks), notifying via a pop-up or via email prior to the event.
As there is a vast (and growing) number of calendars out there, Google Calendar offers yet another nice feature - it syncs well with most other calendars, so even if you're a Microsoft Outlook user, you can first sync your resources to Google Calendar and then Google Calendar to your Outlook and you're in business!

Security a main concern

Now, if you're anything like me, you're worried about the security of the data - after all, it is sent from one platform to another. To use techno babble, we use a 128-bit (or higher) SSL data encryption - the type of encryption used in online banking or in other words: no one is able to steal or hijack your data while it is being transmitted.
Google uses HTTPS (Hypertext Transfer Protocol Secure) as well, so the only worry you should have is will you make it to that event, that just popped up on your calendar, in time.

*A more detailed tutorial can be found here.
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