New Feature: It’s Getting More Serious Between Ganttic and Google Calendar

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Before this update, one could say that Ganttic and Google Calendar were going steady – we had some communication going on, we spent some time together, and all our friends had seen us hanging out. But we felt like we are ready to take the next step, and get even more serious. Before, Ganttic just had a drawer at Google Calendar. Now we are bringing most of our stuff over.

google calendar syncronization

What has changed in the relationship?

We have made our communication with Google Calendar a lot better, and there are less things left unsaid. Before, our Google Calendar Sync brought only the task titles over, now there are options. If the task titles are enough for you, you can still synchronize only the titles. If you want more, you can have more.

Google Calendar synchronization settings

Basically, the manager can do the planning, resource allocation, and reporting etc. in Ganttic, and the rest of the team can easily use Google Calendar on the go to have a constant overview of what's going on. With the update, one can make even the information about projects and notes appear in their personal calendar. 

Google Calendar synchronization - GCal Event

Why should you use Google Calendar sync?

Well, the main reason is that almost everything can be synced with our second half, and it's just utterly comfortable. You can have your personal reminders up in there together with every other calendar that has been made for you. And now, it's possible to have every bit of the information you need to get your work done in there, too. You can even have different views so your personal and work stuff won't get mixed up. Additionally, Google Calendar works as a notification feature which Ganttic is missing (though there are whispers going around that it's going to change soon). It's like we are completing each other - Ganttic works best for planning, and Google Calendar is great for sharing.

Should you be concerned about the security?

Similarly to every solid relationship, privacy is very important to us and Google Calendar. You don't need to be worried about the security of your data, we are making sure for you that it wouldn't get hijacked during the synchronization process.

Do you think it was the right step to take? Let us know what kind of future you see for Ganttic and Google Calendar!