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5 Reasons to Stop Using Excel for Virtual Team Project Management

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Excel is a ubiquitous office tool. And with good reason!Beloved for its versatility, it can be used in just about any industry - from design to engineering to managing lab equipment. However there are a few things that those spreadsheets, mind the pun, just do not excel at. One of these is managing projects virtually. An ever increasing trend in the modern workplace, remote work and virtual teams are being turned to more and more. As it offers numerous benefits and allows people to work from anywhere there’s internet, it’s not surprising that many organizations are beginning to utilize this practice.There are, however, specific challenges for virtual teams to overcome, and one of these can be finding the best tool for connecting your members who might be scattered across multiple continents.It then might seem natural to then turn to your ever trustworthy spreadsheets. But before you do, stop!Give us five minutes and we’ll give you five reasons why virtual project management with Excel is a bad idea. Start the timer… READ MORE