100 Years Old Gantt Charts Had a "Total Makeover"

Categories: Resource Planning, Task Scheduling, Project Portfolio Management
The market for planning tools is huge. Most businesses plan operations and/or projects and schedule their resources in-house, yet the choice of tools for this task is fairly limited. Ganttic has created a scheduling software to ensure that the necessary tools are in place for businesses that want the planning to be easily done, but not overly simplistic.

To draw a parallel with cutting the forest - while most still do it with an ax and few can afford modern forest harvesting robots, Ganttic has just invented the chainsaw. 

There are other tools that offer similar functionality to Ganttic: are web based (easy to share with nothing to install), affordable, scalable and easy to learn. However, other programs have not managed to bring all of these qualities together in one package. Cells in Excel can be color-coded for an easy and affordable organization method, but the program is not very functional for this purpose and sharing routine updates among users can be complicated. Microsoft Project offers incredible functionality, but it is expensive and has a steep learning curve. Some web-based solutions are able to eliminate some of the complications of Project to offer a program that is easy to maintain and share, but that can still have complicated operations and break the budget in the process.

Developers of previous programs have not understood that most planners simply want to customize taskbars, group them by project and rearrange them by simple drag and drop functionality. Ganttic does not intend to take the place of more complex programs, but rather targeting the audiences that are satisfied with a simpler program. Building a skyscraper or restructuring a large governmental institute will require project managers with extensive experience and complex tools, but smaller companies need to have a technology on hand that will allow input from workers at all levels.

Ganttic allows users to plan out the minutiae of each project with little hassle and a stellar ability to share it across the board. A project can encompass hundreds of tiny details, and each one needs to be accounted for to avoid any surprises that can have an impact on time and budget. Ganttic operates as a step between hiring an expert project manager and posting charts on a conference room wall, ensuring that you can control details and ensure that the contracted workers don’t show up a day before the materials are delivered.

This program is sure to save businesses a large amount of precious resources such as time and money. To prove this, Ganttic offers a free account for small businesses and flexible pricing arrangements. Try a demo at our homepage or sign up for free account.