Ganttic: 2016 In Review (Spiced With Puppies)

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It takes about a year for a dog to become an adult. Just a year! Similarly to puppies, resource planning software can change a lot during a year. That's why we are going to show you some puppies and go over everything new that we introduced in 2016. We are also going to give you a sneak peek of what’s going to happen in the future.

These are photos of a puppy that were taken a year apart (you can see all the puppies pictures used in this blog post and more here if you promise to come back).

puppie then and now

These are not so cute but really professional looking screenshots of our resource planning software taken a year apart.


resource planner in 2016

And now: 

resource planner in 2017

While you can clearly see a difference with the puppy pictures, we can presume the latter is a bit more difficult. Nevertheless, we have introduced 18 new features during the last year. 18! The trick is that we have hidden the updates so well that you might have missed them.

Starting from the bigger changes, we released our Android and iOS apps during the last year. Are you already using our app to get notifications about the changes made in the planner real-time? If you don’t, you probably should give it a try.  If you feel like there’s something that would make mobile resource planning better, let us know. We are currently working on making our apps better!

We also went under a major identity change in September and came back with a stronger looking Ganttic than ever. If we talk about the visual side of things, the future holds a bit a few changes in the planner, too. Namely, there are going to be options regarding taskbar size. So stay tuned. But since you are reading our blog and you see how our website looks, this feels like a good place to share some more puppy pictures.


In the last January, we introduced capacity utilization graphs to the planner that allow you to track your resources’ utilization with just a glance. There have been some whispers around our office, that there might be a view that show’s you the heat map of your resources’ utilization on the way.

Most recently, we added a few things up in the planner and got rid of the “NEW” button. You can still add new projects, views, and reports, you are just going to have to use the “+” icon. We didn’t stop there, though. First, we introduced another level of rights with project permissions. Then, we took another step to make project portfolio management easier. And now we are taking a step to show you more puppies.


And that’s not the only moving around we have done. With the new task timing setting, our task dialog got a total makeover. Then, we decided to give task timing setting together with taskbar information a second home in the general settings.

We fought crime and put a stop to resource stealing. We ignored the laws of physics and made time travel possible. We brought our support and news closer to you. We took the next step in our relationship with Google Calendar. We became more connected to our emotions and added Emojis to our resource planner. We made Ganttic your reporting assistant with our automatic reporting feature. We gave you the possibility to set individual business days and hours for each resource. We spared you some confusion and made it possible to create private views. And we decided this puppy is the cutest of them all: 


What a year it has been! And we are not planning to slow down this year. Which new feature from 2016 did you love the most? What are the features that would make your resource planning experience better in 2017?